Monday, December 16, 2013

Blowpops and Birthdays

Happy Monday y'all. Today is my last day of my weekend. Sad face. I was off all weekend long and then got a bonus day. Don't mind if I do.

I have to say, it was a great weekend. Busy, but still great.

My gma, teag, and I went to see my uncle. He's staying about an hour and a half east of us. They got so much snow where he was. I was actually jealous. I hate snow, but if it's going to happen I want it to be beautiful and cover everything. I want it to look like a Christmas card. That's what snows about yo! We took a couple of wrong turns, and ended up at this cute little general store. It was exactly what you'd think of if you were reading a book that was set back in the day. I mean it was just perfect. The store owner had a little bit of everything but not a lot of anything. I was so giddy about being there. He even had free candy jars! Teagan got a kick out of that.

Our visit with Jason (my uncle) was awesome. He has such a good heart and he always always makes me laugh. It was a good visit and we're going back the Sunday after Christmas!

Later that night was Blake's work Christmas party. I wasn't excited for that at all, but it turned out not to be so bad. OK, it was great. The party was at a dueling piano bar that I hadn't been to before. I LOVED it. We drank a little too much and had a little bit too much fun. I took hardly any pictures because I was busy having a great time. It feels good to not have to worry about getting a great shot and to just enjoy myself. But I did have some great shots. Get it, get it. I'm hilarious.

Here are a few pictures from the night.

A BlowPop Martini. 

 Us with our blowpops. 

There's a story here. See, my friend there had been in this bar before and knew about the blowpops that came with the martini. When she asked for two of the martinis, a bitchy rude ass bartender told her that all they have is dum dums. Well, my friend was trying to be funny and asked for a blowpop martini with a dum dum. Bitchy bartender said "if you want a blowpop bad enough you can walk across the street and go buy some. I'm too busy for this." Ummmm what?!? We're both waitresses and got a kick out of her bullshit and her way of treating customers. So, for her tip, we went across the street and got her a couple bags of blowpops. Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was this handsome man's 31rst birthday. It's a good thing he looks good because I sure as hell didn't. We took him out for dinner, gave him some presents. Then we went to renew our Sam's Club membership. Because we don't have a Costco. =( 

I know that he had a great birthday. 
At least he said he did. 


Jordan said...

Blowpop martini sounds yummy! Happy birthday to Blake!

Stephanie said...

bahaha I love that you bought her bags of blowpops. So awesome.

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Blow-Pop Martini?! Oh, my!!!!! That sounds DELICIOUS!