Friday, January 10, 2014

Thoughts About Rain

It's raining. Actually, it's thunder storming. I love the peace and calmness of it but sometimes it brings me trouble. 

I'm sitting in my house with out any lights on or anything on for that matter. I just finished catching up on parenthood and I've turned the tv off. 

My mind started to wander. And it wandered to the little girl who's never been away from home during a storm before. 

I can't help but wonder what she's doing, how's she's feelings, and what she's thinking. I hope that she isn't too scared. But a part of me still wants her to be somewhat scared. I don't want her to be grown up enough to not want her momma just a little bit. I still want that young naive little girl to need her momma to comfort her during a storm. 

Someday, she'll be big enough to sit and enjoy the storm like I am now. Hopefully that day is far off in the future. 

It amazing what my momma heart feels necessary to feel. I've never worried about anybody else in a thunderstorm. And I've never worried about her during a thunderstorm before. But once they're gone from underneath that little shelter of a wing you try and give them, worry is the winner. 

This is what the house is like during a storm. So dark but beautiful. 

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Anonymous said...

Storms scare me now and always have!