Monday, March 24, 2014

Life Lately

Spring Break was last week and so I was absent. I mean, I don't get a spring break anymore but I figured it was just as good a reason as any. That and I really had nothing to say.

I figured I'd just update your pretty faces about what's going on right now. Because I'm so exciting like that.

- Spring weather was around a little bit last week. It was a glorious sight. But that winter bitch stole her thunder and just came right back in our lives. I went and got my first pedicure of the season because ya know, when the flip flops come out I want to have beautiful feet. Unfortunately, nobody has gotten to see the prettyness that are my feet yet. Womp womp. That also means that I shaved my legs. That's a big deal around these parts. I hate shaving.

- The prettiest princess in the land turned 6. I can't believe that we've made it 6 years and haven't tried to kill each other. Another post on that to come this week. Hopefully. No promises.

- I've watched Frozen at least a dozen times. I just love it so much. We sing the songs at work to annoy one manager and it's hilarious. It's such a good movie though. And for once Disney isn't shoving a man saving a woman down little girls'  throats. It's a nice change.

- Blake and I did something exciting as a couple and got our first joint credit card. It's to Sam's/Walmart and it's so we can buy a gazebo. Because everybody needs one of those. Or an island. A floaty island that is. They're cool as fuck!

- Pinterest and I have become soul mates again. We broke up for a bit but we're joint at the hip now. I have one pin that got over 100  repins. I was impressed. Too bad it wasn't something to do with my blog.

But of course it was a Sons one.

- Since spring is around the corner (I hope) I've been lusting over sandals. Mostly I'm a flip flop girl but these damn sandals this season are fucking awesome. I love the ankle ones the most. This will be the first pair I get. They'll probably be heavy as shit so maybe my legs will get toned wearing them. I just have to decide what color. They come in gold, black, and white. I'm thinking the gold.

That's it kids. Not much has been going on that I can blog about. One day though, I'll have the longest post ever explaining more about what's been going on. Happy Monday!


Jamie said...

We've seen Frozen a million times too. It is just so good!

Jordan said...

I haven't seen Frozen yet! Is there a LOT of singing in it? Not a huge fan of shit like that honestly but I've heard so many good things, I want to see it out of curiosity! Those sandals are so cute! I've already bought two pairs of shoes this year because I'm so fucking ready for open toed shoes!!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

My niece is obsessed with Frozen! Hope she had a really great birthday! I really could use a pedicure about now.

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i LOVE SOA. i can't wait for the next season.

and Jax needs to call me, stat.

Vodka and Soda