Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More Wedding Confessions

I'm finally getting to link up with the wonderful Kathy again! It feels like it's been a million years.

Vodka and Soda

I suck at intros so let's just get to it.

- We set a date. Okay, we set two dates. Our first date happens to be the same weekend of a major festival in our town. Nobody misses Maple Leaf. NOBODY. And so we deicded that it was a bad idea. So that brings us to the date we have now. I will be a Mrs. on October 24, 2015!!!! I'm so excited. Eeep!!!!

- Some people (cough future in-laws) are driving me insane. They keep suggesting that we get married this year. Not suggesting really, more like demanding. No, not gonna happen. LET IT GO! They also keep suggesting other things we should do. I know they're excited, but damn. I'm trying to keep them involved but they have ideas on the opposite side of the spectrum then I do.

- Invitations are stupid. I don't care about the font or the other shit that has to go in them. Little details aren't my thing. Who has the time or energy to care about font? Or all the little cards that need to go inside them. And more than one envelope? The hell.

this is how I feel about the small things

- My most favorite confession of them all...I said yes to a dress!! It was complete accident. I went to David's Bridal to try and find and get some ideas for bridesmaids dresses and then I saw it. I knew I had to try it on. And when I put it on, I felt like the prettiest princess in all the land. I wanted to wear it every where and never take it off. I totally want to show you a picture but I can't. Because that will be when Blake decides to read this here blog!

- My first assisstant at DB sucked majorly. Apparently she didn't think I was being serious because she didn't keep any of the information she had for me. She didn't tighten the dress all the way up so I could see what it would truly look like. She also told me that they didn't have blush as a color option for other dresses. She was a lying bitch. I'm not disappointed though. Because when I went back later that night to buy it, I had a wonderful girl helping me who made me feel insanely special.

Are you tired of wedding talk yet? I hope not! Any stories about shop girls who were bitches for no reason? Let me hear em!


kdhopwood said...

I've never been married, but I agree, Invitations are stupid!

Jenn @ Optimization Actually said...

There's so many little details that go along with weddings. And a lot of it is just for tradition. Like wedding invites... why not just send emails or a small Save the Date and have a website? I'm looking into non-traditional stuff for myself and there have been so many objections!

Kristen said...

i had the worst experience at DB so i did not buy a dress there. some of their assistants suck! but yay for finding a dress :) i hate to tell you but your in laws are likely only gonna get worse! haha. my mother in law and i almost killed each other - well, i almost killed her because she demanded so much be this way or that way and i wanted to just be done with it. and invitations are THE worst.

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

I don't know why people think they can just give unsolicited advice once you're engaged... and then once you're married it will be about kids!

Stephanie said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on setting a date AND finding a dress!!

Em @ said...

Girrrrlll I just hopped off that wedding planning train and I'm so happy it's over haha. But try to enjoy it as much as you can since it does go by fast! My mother-in-law is now on me about having kids...(screaming on the inside). Congrats on finding the dress!! That's sooo exciting!! :D

Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

i made my own invitations and it was SO MUCH FUN! mostly because it gave me every excuse to scour every single stationary store in the city which gave me a major boner. most of the time i just look but this time I COULD BUY!!

Vodka and Soda

Amanda Moments said...

Congrats on setting a date!! I love fall weddings. Good pick:)
My unsolicited advice: If the in-laws are going to demand things that you don't want for your wedding and not be respectful, they can back the eff off. Keep in mind that this is YOUR wedding and not theirs, so you have to own every single thing. I wish I had put my own foot down more than I did, so take it from me. They had their turn, but this is yours. <3