Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wedding Wednesday!

Oh geeeeee, I love talking about my wedding. I try really hard not to talk about it with people I know because I don't want to be that person. And I know I'm only getting started and the then stuff will just fall out of my mouth without even thinking about it.

Sometimes I'm so excited to plan a wedding and watch my beautiful marriage bloom, and others I'm just so worried about the actual planning part.

As much as I love Blake, he really doesn't help. I've gotten him to be serious about this about once. And we completely disagreed on what we should do.

It was all over the venue. He thought I was insane for wanting the venue I love but I feel it's very reasonable. Once I got him to go look at it and talk to the management he felt it was a good place too. However, he isn't 100 percent sold on it.

There are only two things I don't want to settle on. Our venue and our pictures. They are very high on my list of important things.

I'm sure we'll get it worked out though.

In happy exciting wedding stuff, I asked my sister to be one of the bridesmaids! Of course she said yes.

I've also gotten my dress and veil! I feel like some of the hardest stuff is over. I hear people say that shopping for their dress was the so stressful! I'm glad to not have to worry about it. I'm sad that I didn't get the experience with some of the people I wanted but my momma and Teagan were there. I love my dress. I want to wear it all the time. I haven't seen another dress that I like better than it!

I'm getting started on a guest list. I didn't realize we liked or knew so many people. I'm sure it will have to be cut because we don't want a huge wedding. I want a very intimate feeling. How did you decide who would be invited and who wouldn't? Any major rules I need to know about?

Only 367 days to go!

Wedding Wednesday

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Stephanie said...

haha I always joke that John's (well John's mom's) guest list would be pages and pages long. Mine? eh, 50 people. And I could probably trim that. I just don't like people, not sorry!