Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters!

I know I just posted a post. It was supposed to be posted yesterday. Buuuuttttt my laptop had other ideas. Isn't technology lovely!

I haven't linked up in awhile. Super excited!


Dear Workforce, I finally get to join you again! Yay. Super pumped for sure! It's only a couple days a week but a job is a job.

Dear Boyfriend, I love you =). That was kinda sappy. But since my last Friday's Letters he has quit being an ass. He even surprised me - TWICE!.

Dear Friday the 13, When you arrive it seems like the restaurants I work at go crazy. Please not tonight. It's my first night. I can't have that happen. This one time, (on Friday the 13 of course) I spilled a ladie's water all over her...that's not the worst part...all over her phone too! I felt sooooo bad.

Dear Teagan, thank-the-good-lord-above you're home! I missed you bad. Our relationship still seems kinda off though. Hoping that wears off soon. I don't like it. Bring the sassy pants back.

Dear Trixie, it was a nice week with just the two of us huh. Hasn't been that way in 4 years. I know you loved it, although you probably got tired of my harassment. Sorrryyyyy. I love you and Teag was gone. =)
I know I posted this the other day. I love it

Dear Readers, sorry I haven't posted very much. I need to get better at it. It's summer time though. So many other things to do. Just know I love y'all soooo much!

Dear Self, you got a job!!!!! Let's have a party! woot woot. And you even worked out once this week. Now, you know you need to do it more than once. Get on it! If you don't wanna eat healthy food you need to work out. Go!

Dear Springfield Cardinals, I'll see you tomorrow. First baseball game ever.

That's all for now. Gonna chill. See ya!


Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

Dear Chloe, it's me. your twin.

Amanda Nicole said...

Super cute puppy!! And as far as spilling stuff on people.. I'm sure I win! Haha. Once I was carrying five 23oz beer glasses (full) and one must of been cracked or something.. because when I reached for it it sliced my pinky really bad (like I had to get stitches 10 minutes after bad) and dropped all the beers on this guy sitting down.... I literally just stood there in complete shock.. ah the joy of waitressing...

Cami said...

Puppers is precious and adorable :)
Yay for good boyfriends and congrats on the new job! WOOHOO :) So excited for you!! Great job with working out, too <3

Caitlin Cavallaro said...

Congrats on your new job (even if it is temporary!) And that totally sucks about spilling the water... That's why I don't think I could ever be a server, I'm wayyy too clumsy!