Wednesday, July 11, 2012

House Keeping Stuff

First of all, I'm sure you noticed I have a new header and a button. Well, you've noticed if you've been around for awhile. I owe all that wonderfulness to Miss Angie over at My So-Called Chaos. She worked with me and did a really great job on everything. So...if you're looking for a new blog design or just a button or what should contact her. =)

Secondly I am a member of Influenster. It's a site that lets you try stuff out based on badges that you unlock. They send out voxboxes to a certain demographic of people every few months. And I love free stuff so I joined! I got my first voxbox over the weekend. And it's pretty exciting! I got the summer beauty box and I'm so amped to use the stuff in it.

*update* Apparently I pushed publish and didn't mean to yet. I have some nice comments on here so I'm not going to revert it back to a draft. I'll just make a new post to finish the vox box up =)


Crystal Renee said...

Hey! Probably not the way to tell you, but I was the one that sent out your package for Summer Secret Sister Swap. Have you not got it? Please let me know so I can check post office, please!

Unknown said...

HEllO! Cute blog! I am a fellow blogger from Missouri too! I found you through the coast to coast map!
I am also a member of influenster! Unfortunately... I didnt get a voxbox :(