Friday, August 3, 2012

My Cause

This isn't gonna be your run of the mill "Happy Friday and have a fab weekend post." My Friday has been terrible since I left work. Weird how that works.

I got terrible news that shattered my world today. Somebody close to me has breast cancer. My heart raced after I typed that. I'm not supposed to be scared, but I am. It's stage 2. Not too bad. I'm more than scared though. I'm pissed, hurt, spiteful and many more things at different times. I can't decide if I want to cry or drink so many beers I pass out before boyfriend gets off work.

This person already has soooo much going on in their life right now. I don't understand why the powers above did this. I don't get it. I'm so mad at my God. It's amazing how mad I can be at someone I've never met. But I'm pissed.

And I'm so scared to lose this person. I know I shouldn't say that but this is me being honest. And honestly I don't know what I will do without them. I do know that they are strong though. They will fight. WE will fight. Fight as individuals, fight as friends, and fight most imporantly together, as a family. This cancer won't fucking win. It fucked with the wrong people.

I'm sure I will cry more. I'm sure that many will cry more. But deep down, we will still be strong. I didn't use to know what my cause was, but now I do. My cause is to destroy cancer. Breast, lung, doesn't matter.

This is the second time this year that somebody I'm extremely close to has told me that they have cancer. I won't lose either of them. I won't. So if you would join me in a prayer, that would be great. A prayer for them, a prayer for me, and last but certainly not least, a prayer for anybody who's had to hear those words "You/I have cancer."

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Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

What a challenge, what a tender subject.

Bless everyones hearts involved. I'm so sorry. Cancer is cancer no matter the stage.

CWY said...
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CWY said...

Prayers being sent up!