Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hello October!

Yay for October! Pretty much my favorite month =). We've got Halloween, Maple Leaf, a TON of birthdays (including my daddy's!), cooler weather, pumpkin is officially everywhere!!!! I just love this month.

And I'm even early with my goal post. Instead of the middle of the month I'm at the beginning. I'm feeling great!

Let's do a recap shall we...
  • Be acitve at least 3 days a week.- Fail. Boo me. I need to get with it. I lost 5 pounds...and gained it all back. lol. That's what October does to me.
  • Get dr's appointments scheduled. - No go here too. Whoops!
  • Save $10 from every check. - Nope. I spent at least $10 from every check though. That's so easy to do. lol.
  • Keep up on my homework. - Success!!!! I'm all done for this week and it's just now Wednesday. Although it does mean being on the damn computer alot. Boo.
  • Start getting Tea's Halloween costume together. - How about have that bish all ready to go! Yep. I got it all done. I'm so proud of me!!!!
  • Finish one book and start at least one more - Thank you Mr. Grey for keeping me addicted to you. I finished 50 Shades Darker and started on 50 Shades Freed. Now, the next book I'm going to read is actually going to be on my list. =))
Half isn't bad for me! I'll take it. Woot woot.

October Goals
  • Clean out my car. I know this was a goal a couple months ago, but I REALLY need to to do it. Like it's bad. I'm embarassed now.
  • Make the damn dr's appointments. Ugh.
  • Get at least 3 different people's Christmas presents done!
  • Be active. I'm not even going to give myself days or anything. I just need to do it. Anybody out there want to come be my personal motivator??? lol.
  • Get eating out under control. Like 3 times a week. I know that's a lot to most people but...yeah.
  • Take Teagan to a pumpkin patch. I can't wait!
  • Go to at least one spook house!
  • Keep reading!
  • Buy myself something I really want. Oh my. lol. Boots here I come.
  • Send the weddings gifts to the couples whos weddings I couldn't attend =(.
  • Start using my damn planner I HAD to have.


Jordan said...

LOVE going to pumpkin patches! Can't wait to do that with a little one, I'm sure she's going to love it! Good luck with your goals, you can do this :)

Stephanie said...

Ok Christmas gifts are on my goals list too! I'm going to check in with you every Sunday!! Maybe that way we'll both get this stuff done this month ;)
And let me know what boots you get!