Friday, October 5, 2012


Things I'm Grateful For....Friday.
I saw this on After Nine to Five  and thought it's a great idea.
"Sometimes we forget it’s the little things that matter in life and forget how easy it can be to be happy. So we’re making an effort to ensure that doesn’t happen by listing the things we’re grateful for/appreciate from the previous week every Friday." - After Nine to Five
And I haven't had the greatest week so looking back on things I'm grateful for sounded
great. They may be somewhat small or maybe even a bit #firstworld problems...but nonetheless I'm thankful for them.
I'm grateful for the boyfriend who is working his ass off so we can move out.
It may not happen soon, but he's trying. He works 6 days a week and
it's really tiresome for him. Sometimes I'm kinda bitchy/grumpy about it, but I make sure to tell
hime thank you.
I'm grateful that my daughter has been awesome for me this week. Normally she
likes to act out around me but this week has been great. I love it.
I'm grateful for the family who loves me even when I get bratty/upset about silly things that don't
matter to anybody but me. They still try to help me out after my freak out.
I'm grateful for my DVR. Yes, yes I am. Otherwise when would I watch Grey's by myself
because I need a good cry?
I'm grateful for all you people who read this here craziness. I know sometimes I may seem dramatic
or like a big baby, but I promise I don't mean to. Thank you for the warm caring comments I have
gotten. I appreciate them more than you know even if I don't say awhole bunch.
I'm grateful for getting paid every Friday. And it turn, grateful for my job.

What are you grateful for??


Elle Sees said...

i'm all about being grateful! so many times we use our blogs as a platform to complain all.the.time. i mean, nothing's wrongwith being honest and complaining, but you know how it is with blogs where something's always wrong. ilike this idea!

Whitney Leigh said...

this is so true. I find myself taking so many things and people for granted. I would say right now I am most grateful for all my blog friends.