Friday, November 2, 2012

Over It List

I know I know...lack of posts this week is disgusting. I hate it. I really wanted to post yesterday but I was called in to work a double and I really needed to. No time for a blog. Blah I know! But I'm here today. And I have oodles of things I want to write about for once. Too bad I'm only doing one post today. Guess that I'll draft some up for the week too!

This morning I was scrolling through my reader when I saw Miss Sami's post on Thursday. It's an Over It List. She took the idea from Blair at Blair's Head Band but I just had to recreate it. Here's what she has as the definition of and "Over It List." 

What is an OIL, you ask? It is an itemized rundown of things that, upon seeing/hearing/tasting them, you want to scream, "I AM OVER IT. ENOUGH. WE ARE DONE HERE." Oversaturation and overkill are the name of the game" - Blair from Blair's Head Band

Let's Get Started 

{1} Taylor Swift
Seriously so tired of her "I'm a goody two shoes" act. Girl, you're 22, have more boyfriends
than fat kids love cake. You mean to tell me you aren't sleeping with them? 
PUHLEAASE! I was all pro-Taylor but I'm hopping off the train for a bit.

{2} Babuble/Bubble Necklaces
I just don't get it. 

{3} Zombies
Next please. I just don't understand all the fuss about them. Anybody care to fill me in?

{4} Chevron
That shit makes my head hurt and makes me feel like I'm gonna hurl all over everything.
It just is crazy. It was cute for a minute. Not so much anymore.

{5} J. Crew
Really? Why would you spend so much money to look like a little old lady?
I don't get it. I'll stick to younger-ish looking stores.

{6} Teen Mom
The original girls are done so the show needs to be done. I don't know how you can have
a "typical" teen mom when these girls get paid a shit ton of money to be on this show. Let it go.

{7} Cray
Really? Just say the word. The whole damn word. It's not that long.
Thanks Jay-Z and Kanye. Except people don't get what it's really referring to.

{8} Reality Contest Shows
American Idol, X-Factor, The Voice, SYTYCD, Dancing With The Stars...etc. Please.
I prefer real entertainment!

{9} Chambray
It's denim. Light colored, softer denim. Just admit it.

{10} YOLO 

Source: via Falyn on Pinterest

Now, if you dig any of this, it's cool. Buttttttt I'm so ready to say buh-bye to it. We can still be friends =)

Have a great weekend kittens!


Miss Angie said...

I will always love Zombies, but I'm with you on everything else. lol

Jordan said...

I like chevron and say "cray" regularly... but we can still be friends. I just will never speak to you of finding a "chevron tank in a cray shade of blue and white" ever. Deal?

Stephanie said...

YOLO makes me crazy! I mean, isn't it just carpe diem all over again? Blah. And Taylor... something has got to be wrong with her, how fast she gets dumped.
I see some bloggers pull off j crew and look all cute, but then I get in the store and I'm like... are they sure? I never find anything there that fits me right or doesnt look frumpy.
I have to say though, I really like chambray and teen mom still :D No one is as good as the originals but I'm still pumped to watch the 2nd season of Teen Mom 2. I don't watch 16 and pregnant though.

Heather said...

Best. Post. Ever.

Jessica Who? said...

gotta admit that i'm into some of these things but the list made me laugh out loud! love your honesty!

Amanda Nicole said...

I HATE the word "cray" ALWAYS have. To me it's just as bad as YOLO... drives me nuts. "That shit CRAY!".. Uhh, you mean crazy? lol. I sort of agree with the Teen Mom thing.. except, I still watch it. I don't really even like the show, I just kind of watch it almost to make fun of it. Actually, I'll stop there because I agree with all of these.

jes @ twosmuppies said...

i saw that yolo 9gag the other died and just couldn't stop laughing. SO ANNOYING.