Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

If yesterday could have been Friday that would have been great. Because today isn't starting off to good. I feel like it should be Monday with the bullshit I'm feeling today. I decided that I'll do some Friday's Letters because of my crabby mood. I wanted to show you guys my awesome Christmas decorations but I want to be in a good mood for that. I don't like to be a grinch.

Dear Bloggy Friends, Wow. You guys are awesome. I love that I have people I can turn to whenever I need to. We've never met but I feel like we know each other so well. Thank you wonderful ladies! Love your face and someday...we will meet!

Dear Friday, I'm actually not excited for you. Normally you bring me some peace and comfort but all you've brought to the table today are money troubles. Thanks for that.

Dear Bank Account, Please just magically multiply yourself this month. I mean I'm not asking for much. It's December and I delight in buying gifts for people. You're making that hard.

Dear Job, I could really use some more hours. Blah. I worked all of two hours on Tuesday...that's not gonna get me very far. And I'm ready for a weekend off again. I know that's when I make the most but I really enjoy them.

Dear Boyfriend, Love you. But we need to decide if you're going to help me with some of these gifts. Like yesterday. I can't wait much longer. And remember when you said you'd pay for my hair...please please please make it sooner rather than later. I wanna look hot for Christmas and your work Christmas party. Love you =) You're the best. And stop worrying about your job. Everything will work out!

Dear Christmas, I say this every year but seriously, in 2013 I'm opening up a Christmas account. I have to. Maybe it will make things run smoother! But I am seriously excited for you. Yep yep yep. I love Christmas!

Dear School, you suck. The end.

Have a great weekend guys. If you need me, I'll be seating people at Olive Garden =)



Jordan said...

I know I'm a part of the first letter and that makes me really happy. :) Sorry you are not having that great of a day, hopefully the rest of the weekend gets better. Cheer up buttercup! Love your face back!

Miss Angie said...

I hear you in the money troubles part, blech. It makes christmas hard!

Emma said...

i totally agree about the bank account! haha, so glad you stopped by my blog :)


Unknown said...

LOL love this...right there with you on money issues!

Ashton Belle