Sunday, December 16, 2012


Aww kids, what a good weekend (besides the unfortunate acts that have occured, more on that tomorrow). Boyfriend and I were off on Saturday and Sunday together. What an awesome thing that never happens! Saturday we celebrated his birthday. And this is what we did.

I got so excited to try this that I forgot to take a picture before I took a bite. Excellent cake pop though. I got it from starbucks.

Yep, just like the cat we lounged on the couch all day long! In our lounge clothes at that. I had a great Saturday. I hung out with my momma in the morning, because boyfriend wanted to sleep in. He normally has to work every Saturday and be there at 9 so this was something nice for him. My momma and I did a little shopping, then we watched tv. I then hung out with boyfriend all night. I don't care what anybody thinks of our nothing birthday celebration, it was just what we needed! 

Sunday my momma took us out for dinner for boyfriend's birthday. We went to Mucho Mexico. His most favorite place ever. It's a Mexican buffet that has some bomb ass enchiladas and wings. Then boyfriend took me and my mini to Braums for some ice cream! All in all, it was a wonderful relaxing weekend. 

Happiness for me right in this picture.

I look odd here. I don't think my boobs really stand out that far.

Reason that I look funny in above picture. More to come on that later.

And this one is my personal favorite

Not great of us but us nonetheless. 

Have a good week cupcakes. 

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