Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Sweet Valentine

It's Valentine's Week my Birthday week! Yay for me. =) My birthday week also includes the fabulous/not so fabulous holiday of Valentine's Day. Oh...and before we get on to that if you wanna send me some fabulous gifts/cards/whatever be sure to ask for my address ;).

So Valentine's Day brings up love. And I thought today was the perfect day to talk about the boy the man. The main man in my life (besides my wonderful dad and my hunnie's kitty cat!) has been by my side for 3 long wonderful years. Just so you know, it's gonna get gushy up in here.

I was sitting on the couch the other night thinking how much I love him and how far our relationship has come. It sure as hell hasn't been all rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns. We've fought. Fought for our relationship, fought each other, just plain out had some fights about everything. But we've come out stronger through it all.

I love him and he's pretty much smitten with me. He calls me out on my bullshit, when I'm acting like a brat, but he's there when I need him. He lets me cry on his shoulder and hugs me and tells me it will all be ok. And there's happiness. A lot of happiness! We laugh and play like we're teenagers who just fell in love for the first time.He's taught me to have a sense of humor, how to do things that I never thought I would. He's helped me mature. When we met, I was a typical 18 year old. Full of jealousy, irrationalness, drama, etc. And I've learned how to get over it all. It's great! And yeah, I get irritated by his manly habits like leaving the damn socks all over the floor, but I deal with it by leaving my shit on the floor too. No, not really but it would be funny.

Then there's mini. The way he accepts mini as his own makes me feel wonderful. I'm not going to lie, I was super worried about this whole thing. Every mother that dates does. And she wasn't opening up to him for a long time when we first got together. But three years later she adores him and he adores her too. They make my heart feel whole. Our little family. I'm ready for family pictures to be hung up on our walls. But we have to get a place to live first. Woof!

So I'm ready for Valentine's day. I have the most awesome valentine out there.


holli said...

What a sweet beautiful family you have. I'm saving my gushiness for my Valentines post. Being lucky in love with the right person is a blessing for sure!

Whitney Leigh said...

I love you guys.
You are the most adorable little family out there. :)
Maybe one day, I can have one as cool. Maybe.

Jordan said...

This is so sweet! I love that he loves your mini as much as he loves you. That is so important. Very awesome, Chloe's man friend, you get 2 kudos from me.