Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Walking Pins

One more day! One more day! Yep, my birthday is tomorrow. Still accepting gifts =). But since it's Wednesday that means it's not my birthday but Pinterest day. Woot woot.

We'll get to the pins in a sec. I need to talk to you about my new current obsession. You might have heard of it. It's called The Walking Dead.

I AM IN LOVE. Not kidding. Yes, I used to be the person that always said they weren't going to watch it. I refused and I hated on it. Now I take it back. See, Sunday boyfriend's dish receiver wasn't working and we had watched all the movies on his laptop so I picked out something to watch. I bought the first season for him on Black Friday fully intending to never watch it. Well I put it in planning on going to bed but that first season sucked me in. And now I'm addicted.

I can't decide if I'd rather marry Rick or Daryl. I love them both. And I would love to punch Shane in the face. We started the second season and thank goodness he cut off that god awful head of hair he had going on. So here we go with some Walking Dead inspired pins!

Source: via Dayle on Pinterest

I could go on and on but I need to wake the man up so that we can finish the second season. And does anybody know where I can watch the first half of the third season. I would love to catch up before Sunday!

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