Thursday, April 18, 2013

Now The Party Can Begin

When I found out that my the fantabulous Stephanie was having a party themed link up, I thought to myself "Self, how appropriate is that!" She is the queen of partying. And I knew i had to link up. Because duh, that's what awesome blog friends do.

I couldn't decide what the hell I wanted to post about since I don't really go out a lot. Than I realized that you guys have never seen footage from the birthday of all birthdays...21!

That's the boy dancing with me. 

That Wife girl.

Again, and our friend in the background

Everybody! My auntie is on crutches.

Auntie and I 


The Princess

My auntie got a limo for all of us to bar hop in Joplin. It was pretty fun. There was some drama and if I could go back and do it again, I would. But I would do it right this time. The boy got more drunk than I did and puked all over said limo. I happened to put my hand in it! lol. And I had really good hair going on then too. I want it back please.


Andiepants said...

Twenty-one birthdays are amazing!!!
You aunt was also a rock star for coming out in crutches and getting that limo for you!!!

Vomit or not...I'm sure it was a blast!!!

Stephanie said...

Ahhh you got a limo?! That is so nice of your aunt! You rocked that crown. And you look surprisingly "with it" for being 21. I didn't look nearly that good...
And thanks for the shout out and linking up, you are a FAB blog friend!

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Leslie said...

Seriously, nothing beats the 21st birthday. I would relive it every single year if I could! But in a couple of years I'm not sure if the liver could keep up.. haha!