Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I Used To Do

I don't think most of you know this but when I started this blog, I was a pizza delivery driver. Yep, I did the boys' job. And looking back, I loved the shit out of it. I never would have left if the company wouldn't have fucked me over. Seriously, I got paid to listen to music and leave my place of employment all the time. Couldn't get better than that. And now, since I'm not always having great feelings about my current job, I sometimes day dream about whether or not I should go back. And then I remember, the pay has gone down. And that within itself, means I don't wanna go back.
And delivering pizza is cool because Glen does it too! 

- Cardinal directions. So this is the biggy that I took from this job. Seriously, one of the most life saving skills ever. People come in to OG and ask for directions to places all the time. And I may not always know exactly where whatever they want is at. But I can point them in the general direction. 

- Somebody out there has a house that is dirtier/trashier/smellier than yours will ever be. Leaving you to feel like a million dollars. When I pulled up to some houses, I'd shudder. And then smile because although my place isn't the damn cleanest, I don't live like that. 

- Teens and college kids will never tip you with money, but they will try and give you some pot or liquor. This always gave me a good laugh. And they were genuinely nice college kids. They almost always asked if I wanted to stay for a while or come back after work. Thanks but no thanks. 

- This isn't conclusive to delivering pizza but to working in the restaurant industry in general. Some people think that you are scum of the Earth because you work at a restaurant. They'll assume you're worthless, lazy, uneducated  and a welfare receiving bum. Those people always got their 2 liter shaken up. Or their pizza wasn't perfectly in the box. And I spoke really well around them. It was my job to make them feel like idiots. 

- I learned just how far I could go on E until I ran out of gas. And it was fun. Lol. 

- People are kinda dumb sometimes. You'll knock on their door and they'll ask who is it? Well, aren't you expecting the pizza person?? Or they just won't answer at all and you'll learn they aren't home. Where do they go? Oh ya know, to the grocery store or to run an errand. "You said it'd be 30 minutes and I had something I needed to do! I'm so sorry, can you wait for me to get home?" That one always made me a little mad. Especially because our deliveries were timed and it would hurt my time. 

That's all I've got today. just some fun stuff for you. Ok, maybe it's fluff. Whatever. See you on the flip side!

p.s. I really want some damn pizza now. 


Jordan said...

I want pizza now too! It's my weakness. YUM

Stephanie said...

Haha! My friend Ashley was a pizza delivery girl in college. And she's pretty so she got so much tips, liquor, party invites, etc. It was her favorite job ever!
The pennies picture cracked me up!