Thursday, May 2, 2013

Look What I Can Do.

So the challenge for today is

"Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know alot about or are good at. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)"

Shit. I have to think of something I'm good at. 

Everything I've thought of is really not serious. So deal with it. I'm gonna educate you on two things because they are my two favorite things. 

First off, I'm great at watching tv. All that's needed is a tv and a couch (or whatever you want to sit on). But a tv is necessary. Not necessary but very handy items include a DVR, a blanket, and a remote. I use all of the above. First you plop your ass down on your sitting device, from here on out this will be referred to as the couch. Grab your remote and turn the tv on. If you have a DVR and there is nothing on, just watch something recorded. After you pick out your show just watch it. Tune out your kids/hunnie/yippity yappity dog. And just watch the damn tv. Make sure you fast forward through the commercials if you can. Until the commercial for the Great Gatsby or the AT&T commercials with the kids come on. Then watch those. Not the rest though. And you can spend quite sometime on the couch watching tv. Easy peasy. 

And my next favorite activity that I consider myself good at is cussing. I'm a pro. I mean, I just told somebody to STFU while watching tv. Because when I asked what I was good at they replied "everything!" Vomit. Cussing is an activity that can either be hard or really easy. I find it easy. Just don't work too hard on whatever word you're gonna use. Don't think about it, just say whatever comes out of your mouth. If you have to think about what word you want to use, you're doing it wrong. True fuckin' story. Yeah, I did that one on purpose. They also have to serve purpose. It sounds stupid to say I had a shitty day when you have a happy tone in your voice. Make sure you get the inflection right. 

I don't really play video games but I do play SongPop. And yes, when I select the wrong song, this is what I sound like. I'm intense about it.

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Jordan said...

This is hilarious. And way more interesting than some of the other posts I've read today. Love it!