Thursday, May 2, 2013

Party People

Two posts in one day...why of course. I mean it's this day:


Of course I have to blog again!

This may have been read before my other post of the day, and if you missed that shit, go back and read it. Pure gold.

Anyway...I was gonna post all the fun drinks I wanna try I'm gonna try this summer. But pinning shit from pinterest is a pain in the ass anymore. Get your shit together pinterest people. You made it way to hard to share our pins on our blogs. I'm sitting here thinking of what to talk about now. I've still got nothing. So here are some of my favorite party pictures. These are near and dear to my heart. And they say so much about my amazing group of friends.

Notice a theme? I like to make the kissy face/duck face when I've been drinking. And on that note...I need to get drunk soon. Plan. 


Cortney said...

Found you from the link up today and had to comment because I too make the duck face when I drink. It gets duckier as the night goes on. Fun pics :) glad I'm not alone

Whitney Leigh said...

you are quite the partier. I need to find you on the weekends. :)

Stephanie said...

Hahahaha I love these. Especially the last one. So thug life.