Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What Were You Looking For?

So, I’ve seen a lot of blog posts going around about what people are searching when they find their blogs. And this shit is hilarious. Well, my blog has become a little more searchable. At least to me. I could just be crazy. That might be true. Anyway, I’ve finally had some crazy searches come to my blog. They make me smile. Because I like crazy. 

“Had to pee outside”
You NEVER have to pee outside. That’s shit’s nasty. I believe that there is always a toilet you can use somewhere and I’ve mastered the art of “holding  it”. Unfortunately, drunken fun Chloe doesn’t agree. But she’s more fun and willing to do crazy shit than I am. That’s why we I love her. I thought I had a post where I mentioned that I did this while in Dallas on my girl’s trip. Apparently I’ve never written about the rest. Well shit. I don’t know where this comes from. More about peeing outside some time.

“FMK porn star edition.”
All together now…WTF. I wonder what this person does for fun. I’m all for playing fmk, but I don’t get down with porn stars. I do however, apparently believe female country singers are ok to play fmk with. Oh you don’t, well come see it here.

…Matt Bomer…”
I don’t think he’s that attractive. But I blogged about him in Magic Mike and everybody and their mom searches everything possible about Matt Bomer. Womp womp. There’s even a picture involved of him. What was I thinking? If I was a good blogger I would go and find it. However, I’m lazy and I don’t even remember what else it was about or when in the hell I posted it.

“That there isn t a social icon”
Incorrect spelling for the win. That’s embarrassing that this even comes to my blog. But it is amusing. What where isn’t a social icon? Am I an example of what a bad blogger is? Na, not me! I don’t even know what post this could have been.

“Dallas Cowboy Venus Cheerleader”

That’s a win right there. I won at life guys. I’ve always wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned it. But what makes this search even better is that Venus equals Sarah! We all know that. The poor person that landed on my blog probably is sad that they didn’t end up on hers, but thanks for the visit. If more of Sarah’s traffic wants to come over here feel free! And here’s the post that they got.


Beth W said...

Bwahahaha! Oh my gosh, HOW do you find this info out?? That's priceless. :D

Amanda Nicole said...

I'm not the only one who wanted to be a dallas cowboy cheerleader?!? I also wanted to be a LA Lakers girl or work at coyote ugly. For some reason I decided to struggle with college to work in the medical field...

Erin said...

haha people find my blog by some crazy search words too. I get the pee in parking lots search a lot, but i fully support doing that, i am not as classy as you ha