Friday, August 16, 2013

Drink A Beer

Dear Weekend, Thanks for showing up but you can just keep moving on. I work doubles all weekend. Womp Womp. I haven't worked all weekend long in a long while. And Erntefest is this weekend and I don't know if I can go. But I really wanna.

Dear Work, let's make some of that money ok! I need it. Oh, and thanks for acting like I was going to get my vacation check. Yeah, I didn't. I'm pretty irritated about that.

Dear Blog, we're in a rut this week. That's ok. Just gotta get out of it.

Dear Fantasy Football, you and I need to talk. You need to tell me what website to go to so I know what in the hell I'm looking for. I read Sarah's post but still, I need more. It seemed so much easier last year when manfriend was doing it.

Dear Blog Friends, I love you dearly. Sure do. Sorry if stuff around here is stale. It happens. Keep sticking around. I'm sure it'll be over soon.

Dear Luke Bryan, Thanks for the new album. I love it. But let's stick to singing, that rapping business you try is just not you. Leave it to Blake or the rappers. And announce your new tour dates already. I'm waiting mister!

Dear Target, Now that the kiddies are back at school I can shop in peace. I can't wait.

Dear Fall, I'm ready. I know I keep saying this. I only keep saying it because well I just want you to be here faster. Leggings, sweaters, boots, hot cider, pumpkin everything! And the holidays that you bring, the best! Please hurry now. This teasing shit where it's 55 in the morning and then 80 in the afternoon is for the birds.

Dear Pumking Beer, I'm so ready to try you. Thanks to my sweet bloggy friend Megan my dreams will come true!

And of course, it's time to #backthatazz up with Whitsicle!

Since Mr. Bryan decided to drop his album this week, I'll leave you with one of the good ones. If somebody would like to upload their album to grooveshark that would be awesome. I was going to but the itunes on my computer is stupid. It doesn't even have half of the songs I've bought from them in my library on my computer. Anybody know how to fix that?? Do I just need to sync them up again?


Alex[andra] said...

I'm so not ready for fall yet! I wish I was excited as you. But I could definitely go for a beer!

Stephanie said...

I love fantasy football, my draft is sunday. I'm pumped!

Yammering Yankee said...

I sent it out yesterday!!! Hopefully it gets to you in one piece and the ATF doesn't come after me for mailing a beer lol!

Jordan said...

Hooray beer! I am so thirsty. Good luck with your doubles this weekend! Make some money honey!

Miss Angie said...

I plan on drinking lots of beers this weekend. Yep.

Yummm Pumpkin Beer!

Happy weekend!