Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Live In My Car

I know that I've told you before that my car is a mess. And it really is. However, I've been doing a lot better about keeping it clean. It bugs the shit out of me when it's messy. It's ridiculous the amount of stuff you'd find in my car.

I could live in it though. Seriously. There's so much random shit that I would be ok. So, if you ever see somebody who doesn't look homeless but it looks like they're living out of their car, it might just be me.

This is the passenger side. Always the messiest part. 

I thought I'd take you through a tour of things you might need at any time. My car is like a big purse.

You need to work on something? I have a screw driver you can use. I used it once and never took it back in. And, if you're phone is in bad shape, don't worry. I have a brand new phone case in there too.

Hungry and you don't know what Olive Garden has? Well, I can help you out. Just feel to skim through my product knowledge book and find something that makes you happy. 

I know it's the middle of August but incase it's snowing, I have snow boots and a hoodie too. And another phone case. Don't worry, we have plenty of phone cases. Mountain dew for when we get thirsty and socks if your feets get cold.

So I should clean it out I guess. But I don't wanna. Do you wanna come clean it out for me? Please. You can keep whatever you find that you like. Except for anything in my purse or related to Luke Bryan. 

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Amanda Nicole said...

Okay, now I don't feel bad that my truck looks the exact same way. I'll clean it and feel amazing about it, but 2 days later it's back to normal.