Friday, August 23, 2013

Lies the TV Tells Me

I love tv. Just love it. But sometimes it lies. Big massive sloppy lies. That piss me off. So today, for things I don't love, I thought I'd tell you about the lies the tv tells me.

1. ITT Tech is bullshit. The tv says that ITT Tech is a great school and tons of people go there. They say that it will change your whole life. Well guess what? I've never met ANYBODY who's gone to ITT Tech which means it's also never changed the life of somebody I know. So what's the deal ITT Tech? When ya just gonna go away?

2. I saw a commercial for that new Nokia Lumia edition 5846598165. You know the one? With the awesome 41 megapixel- I take great wonderful pictures in the dark-you just have to have me right this second phone? Yeah, I heard that it's not that great. I mean, I was gonna buy this phone just for the camera. Ok, not really but I thought about it. Then the AT&T guys told me that it's really not that good and made fun of me for believing everything I see on tv. Like that commercial. And me being me and not believing anything anybody tells me, I trusted my good friend google to show me some pictures. They didn't look that great. They didn't prove they were any better than my trusty iphone. Lies Nokia, LIES.

Found here.

3. Chef Lorena for Taco Bell makes this great "gourmet, healthyish" food and we should all love it. Bitch please. I don't want Taco Hell to be gourmet or healthy. How bad it really is - is what makes it so great. I don't even need to elaborate on this one. And Taco Bell isn't healthy or gourmet no matter how hard you try Miss Chef Lorena. Sorry.

4. Tampon commercials. Everybody knows that a woman is not that happy go lucky while it's her time. No, it's not all rainbows, puppies, and unicorns. It's get-me-chocolate-and-leave-me-the-hell-alone-or-I'll-bite-your-head-off. We don't do gymnastics, go shopping, or even look slightly not miserable during that week. Quit lying.

Really that's all I've got. Just 4 commercials that are getting on my nerves lately. I'm sure there are more but that's all I could stand to watch. I have a DVR for a reason. I can't remember life without one and I don't want to.

I'm linking up with the craziest of them all. The one who gets her vajay waxed and lived to tell about it. Miss Yoga Pants herself.

Real quick back story before I go. 
At OG we used to play old Italian music of course. Well, I guess people started to complain so they changed it up. We now get to listen to modern music. And it's fucking weird. I was hosting last week when we heard the beginning of this song. Well, of course they're not gonna play this song in a family restaurant it was the original jazz version. But it still made me want to get down.


Yammering Yankee said...

So with you on the tampon commercials. Especially the one with the girl in the WHITE BATHING SUIT doing a back flip. Who in their right fing mind would wear a white bathing suit during their time of the month. Nobody!

Jordan said...

I am currently going through #3 and #4. By going through I mean the obvious for #4 and the drive-thru for #3. Yum. Well, yum to #3. Let's not confuse where the yum goes here.

Stephanie said...

Ahhh #3! Leave my taco bell ALONE! I happen to like it just how it is, thanks anyway Chef Lorenzo.
BTDubs, I tried her guac and I effing hate it. And I'm not picky about guac at all.

Brandy said...

Currently going through number 4, and now wanting number 3, no NEEDING number 3. Dammit. :p

A commercial that currently drives me up the wall is the stupid ass Cougar Life commercial. I want to hit her in her face!

Jamie @ You Gotta Have Hart said...

LOL no one will ever be able to convince me that Taco Hell is healthy unless they are telling me to eat lettuce and in that case, the lettuce they serve is just full of water and has nothing healthy to it. Dropping in by way of the link up today-- funny stuff you have going on here!

Erin said...

hahah I love the taco bell attempts to be classy, it's like come on tbell you serve us dog food and we eat it, stick with what you know

Laura Darling said...

Have you seen the Education Connection commercials? They have this catchy song and then Alissa Milano talks about getting your college degree in your pajamas! So annoyign!