Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pop Some Bottles

Who doesn't love to celebrate? Seriously? Whether we're celebrating being alive, birthdays, holidays, mini goals, accomplishing goals, or we're already just white girl wasted and we're celebrating that, we all love it. Don't pretend you don't love to pop some bottles!

So when I saw that my lover face Jordan had joined a link up called Celebrate Everything, I told her I loved it and I was gonna join too, a couple days late of course. Hopefully the link up is still open!

Domesticated Working Woman

Here's what I'm popping some bottles about this week.

My aunt has been released from her cardiologist to go back to work after a year long battle with cancer. She won!

Megan is a craft beer lover and has been really awesome and given me some recommendations of what to try. First, I was gonna try RJ Rockers Son of a Peach. But my podunk little ass town didn't have any. None. I called 5 liqour stores (including a Macadoodles), 2 grocery stores, and a gas station, but couldn't find shit. So what did Megan offer to do...send me some in the mail! Bam. Love her. And I'm probably going to have to hit her up for her favorite pumpkin beer too! I'll look first though!

I've been at OG for a year. I got a nice little pin and the best part is that I should qualify for a bonus check. Bam! I can't wait to find out if I get it or not. And I got another raise from them also. It's only when I'm hosting but I'll take a raise. Hell yeah!

Blake got an awesome opportunity to go to Cincinnati with his job. He gets to go to Visa HQ to learn customer service for the brand of cards he represents. They only selected two people and he was one of them. When he comes back they're going to hire a bunch of people and he gets to train them on customer service. Hopefully this eventually leads to a promotion for him.

 I joined a fantasy football team. It's mostly dudes. So I picked the name Tittsburg Feelers. I love it. Because I love boobs. But you knew that. Need a name? Go visit Sarah, she'll help you out.

I'm going to see Blake Shelton and Keith Urban in October. Maybe Florida Georgia Line if tickets are cheap enough. Eeeeep! This will be the second time I've seen Keith. I LOVE him.

This weekend is tax free weekend here in Missouri. Best believe I'm doing as much shopping as I can. I'm a little too excited.

It's almost time for our annual summer party at Blake's house. Shit gets crazy. If any of you wanna come please do! I love your faces. =)


Monica @ The Empty Teacups said...

Yay for having lots to celebrate!! I just tried a bottle of the Pumpking that Meg blogged about and it is delish. So good, go try it! She's definitely a pro.

Erin said...

any reason to celebrate is good in my book!!

Jordan said...

Holy shit that's a lot of awesome stuff to celebrate! WOOHOO! Definitely all great reasons to pop bottles!

Yammering Yankee said...

I heart you more than I heart PBR!!! Get it girl I will be sending you some bottles to pop very soon!

Lins - Domesticated Working Woman said...

Yay!! So glad you joined the link up! I will be hosting it once a month on the last Tuesday of the month. I agree with you - life gives us so many big and little things to celebrate that we need to take time to do that once in a while! I look forward to reading your blog.