Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Eat a Snickers

Hola cupcakes. I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I'm glad it's over. I'm finally off after two long ass doubles at work. I literally worked open to close yesterday. And I served allllll day. My bones were hurting something bad when I got off work.

Anyway...so remember when I told you that my first fantasy football draft was Saturday? Well, it was. And it was quite the experience. I think manfriend really loves me because there were a couple of tantrums thrown. Ooops. =) 

Saturday started out with me getting up and really wanting Red Lobster or Carinos (we don't have a lot of good non chain restaurants. I'm jealous of all of you who do) so I text the boy and said when he wakes up we were going to eat so be ready. And I waited. And waited. And then continued to wait. Finally at two in the afternoon I go back to his house and hes awake! I'm like "Um, thanks for the text. Are you ready to go eat?" Then he tells me that he already ate. I lost it. I was just like a Snickers commercial. I was so hungry that I was turning into a crazy lady. To say I was pissed was an understatement. He didn't even bother to look at his phone. Rude! And I pouted and moped for about an hour. I wouldn't even talk to him for like 15 minutes. I was ridiculous. But I was hungry dammit! So, I settled for some Chic-fil-a because duh. Who doesn't love their chicken? 

I had to. Hilarious. Only one more month!

The draft brought out the diva in me again. I'm a perfectionist and need to know everything about anything I'm attempting to do. I'm also a procrastinator and put off everything until the last minute. So I had done zero research about football. And the man couldn't answer my questions so I just about put my picks on auto draft. But I researched my ass off for an hour before it was time. While I didn't feel ready, I did feel better. Next year won't be as hard. I got a pretty good team - I think. Unfortunately I didn't get any Cowboys. I know you're not supposed to pick just from your team but dammit I wanted at least one player. But I got a good qb. Cam Newton please play well! 

We were supposed to do the draft at a party but it was online and we didn't want to drag our laptops to a party and then have to worry about them. So we hung out at home and had some beer. I got to try my Pumking that I was dying to try. And unfortunately, we didn't get along so well. I wanted to like it so bad and I didn't. I about cried. I had it all set in my mind about how it would taste. It would be a malty beer that was kind of sweet and tasted just like pumpkin pie. It wasn't. The first drink wasn't so bad. But the end taste and the after taste are what got to me. It was kind of sour. I can't really describe it except strong and sour. Which isn't even a word. I need to learn more about beer so I can accurately describe it. But Blake loved it so it wasn't wasted!

My sad face about it.
And I don't know if you heard the news yet...I don't even know if you care but it's my mission to stay up to date on pop culture so I must report. 50 Shades of Grey is officially gonna be a movie. And they've casted it. Now, I know somewhere on here I talked about how my homeboy Alexander Skarsgard should be Christian Grey. I think he would be perfection. However, Hollywood doesn't give a shit what I think is perfection. They picked my other homeboy. Who you ask? Well, none other than the hottie mchotterson Charlie Hunnam. Although I'm appreciative of him and all his glory that will be shown in this movie, I don't really know if he was right for the part. Even when he cleans up, he still looks dirty. And that's perfectly fine by me. But Christian Grey is not a dirty guy. I don't know if I can picture Charlie all business savvied and what not. We shall see! 

I drooled a little. Mmmmm.

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Anonymous said...

I love Charlie! Yum.
And now I want a Snickers bar...

Jordan said...

Hope you made some good dinero working that double! Boys can be idiots when it comes to communication (or their lack thereof) and I probably would have flipped shit myself. I have really bad hanger issues.

I'm intrigued by them casting Charlie. Not who I would have picked (I was dreaming of Ian Somerhalder) but I think this will be interesting :)

Helene in Between said...

i don't even know who that is... does that mean I'm out of it?! probably.