Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thing One

I adopted a cat. Ok, well, it adopted me.

Once upon a time, there were new people that moved in across the street from me. They had a momma cat and her litter of babies. All 5 of the kitties were outside kitties. One day, Thing 1 (which is what we're calling it for now) came over and let us pet her. She was super friendly and loooved Trixie. Trixie used to go over to their house to go play with them. My dog isn't really a dog. I think I've told you that before. Thing 1 has continued to come over ever since that day and has now made herself at home.

So now, I have an outside cat with the personality the size of a lion. And she loves to talk. I was taking Teag to school this morning and Thing 1 was underneath my mom's car waiting for us to come outside. She just let herself in too. She is constantly suckling on something if you let her. Teagan loves that and I can't stand it.

See, we used to have cats but my mom said no more unless they just chose us. And now one has. She can come hang out in the house but she can't sleep in here. She's what we call a Fred. My gma has an outside cat named Fred who comes in about once a day to hang out but he's primarily supposed to be outside. So that's what I've decided to do.

Oh, and Thing 1's siblings all come over too. But they aren't very people friendly. They sit and stare at us, but we can't touch them. They also invite themselves in our house too.

My mind is blown.

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Stephanie said...

She's so cute! My mom has a cat that adopted her too. She won't come inside, but my mom has a bed in the backyard and feeds it, she sleeps out there every night.

Alex[andra] said...

She's adorable and I love that she chose your family.

Jordan said...

Lucky! Thing 1 is too cute.

Beth W said...

Ha! What a personality....and of course they invite themselves in- they're cats, nothing is forbidden to their superior nature. ;)