Friday, September 13, 2013

Yeah, I Got A #$^$$ Problem

Happy Friday cupcakes! I don't have much time so I'm gonna bust out as much word vomit as I can. Ready!

- It's Friday the 13. Spooky spooky. I love the 13 even if it is a Friday. It's my favorite day of the month. But when I'm working...all hell breaks loose. I've knocked waters over on people every Friday the 13 that I can remember when I'm serving. It's a trip. When I delivered pizza...something would happen too. Let's hope all goes well for me today. I don't work tonight thank goodness. It's like my managers knew or something. Yes, I am superstitious about some things.

- I have a hot date with a hibachi grill tonight. The boy, the mini, and I are gonna go eat. It's one of her favorite things and since I hardly ever get a weekend night off without requesting it, I figured I better take full advantage of it. Then there's a trip to the Halloween store to finish off Mini's costume. Yes, I know it's the middle of September. We love Halloween and like to get shit taken care of. Hahaha who am I kidding, we never get anything taken care of early. Except this.

- I didn't think it was possible but I found something disgusting at Chik-fil-a. Don't ever have their breakfast burritos. I've never met a breakfast burrito I didn't like but this one...oh this one. The egg was terrible. I didn't know that they served their regular menu in the morning too. Next time chiki-minis it is. Oh, and the closest Chik-fil-a is like 20 minutes away from me. I've had a busy morning!

- My fantasy team better do a shit ton better this week. Seriously guys, I had the least amount of points out of everybody last week. 67 effing points. That's it. The next highest person was at 97. Pathetic. Blake says that I have a great team they all just played shitty. Here's to hoping. I'm looking at you Cam Newton.

- The Cowboys are only 3 hours away from me on Sunday but I can't go. =( I'm so mad at myself for not trying harder to get tickets. I've never been to an NFL game. Who wants to have their first NFL game at Arrowhead Stadium anyway? Not this girl. I hope the Chiefs get beat on. But Jamal Charles can do ok, because he's on my fantasy team.

- Last but certainly not least, I'm backing it up with Whitney. I'm kind of obsessed with these songs right now. I just can't help it.


Alex[andra] said...

Yay for having the weekend off! Hibachi grill sounds amazing!

Jordan said...

Fucking LOVE hibachi. I haven't had that in forever. The burritos suck, one should ALWAYS stick to the minis! Fuckin Problem is amazing, I always want to dance when it comes on.

Kristin O said...

Ahh love that you have a fantasy team. I have been wanting to do one for years but haven't done it yet. Maybe I can use you as a mentor and do one next year. And I agree about the breakfast burritos.

Brian Switzer said...

You shouldn't eat at Chick Fill-A. They're the devil. The money you spend there helps pay for terrible things.