Monday, November 11, 2013

New Shoes

So I worked this weekend. And I think my feet might have died and fallen off. See, I had to get new shoes on Friday before work because mine look like this.

Why yes, that is a huge hole in the side of my shoe. My pinky toe was sticking out of it. Anybody who's worked in a restaurant for a year can tell you that this is common with shoes. They get worn the fuck out super fast and it sucks. 

So anyway...I grabbed the cutest pair that Walmart had and tried some on. I didn't wanna get Walmart ones but I didn't have time to order from Shoes for Crews so I had to settle. My new ones were super lite weight compared to these. So I grabbed my shoes, some insoles and got the eff outta there before I spent anymore money than I wanted to. 

Then I worked a double on Friday. And by Friday night I thought I was gonna die. My feet were so miserable and I just wanted to take my shoes off. I got home after my double, popped a prescription strength advil that Blake gave me from his dr, and passed out by 10. 

Saturday I didn't have to put the bitches back on until 4. And then I worked until 1130. Again, I was dying. See, I hadn't put the insoles in them yet because I can't find any scissors anywhere. And they don't start to hurt until the end of the night. But when they start to hurt, I turn into a little baby and wanna cry and have everybody carry me. 

And then I worked a double yesterday and wore the shoes without insoles again. What is my problem? I guess I like pain. I don't really know. And I work a double today. Why???

My feet are sure gonna hate me. Did you know that when your feet hurt everything hurts? Well it does, and it sucks. 

Moral of the story...don't buy new shoes if you're going to have to wear them for approximately 25 hours. It's not fun. 


Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

LMAO at your pinky toe sticking out!

Erin said...

it is probably trashy of me but I always wore crocks when I worked on my feet ha! they are so comfy

Jordan said...

Ouch! You need some inserts stat!