Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How Pinteresting Wednesday


Is anybody there?

I haven't heard from anybody in awhile. Feeling kinda weird about it. I do comment back almost always and I want to meet more bloggers and make friends! I love hearing from you guys, so if you stop by, please say hi. I'm new to this world and I need some friends please lol. Think of it as being a mentor. ;).

Anyway...let's get on with today's festivities shall we?

Yep, time for some of my most favorite pins! I'm linking up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple. I looovvvvee pinterest. I could do this all day.

Enjoy kids

Oh...sorry...I've been pinning because I haven't been on here in like 3 hours! Unless I'm sleeping, I constantly check it.

 I feel this way about two people in my life so it has double special meaning ;)

Source: via Chloe on Pinterest

I picked this our from polyvore all by muhself! Yeah me. lol. I love it! Just need different
jeans. Those are weird yo.

Ugh these are gorgeous. My country side has been dying to come out
lately. I'm glad it has too. I think sometime I need to go to a country concert.
Like stat! I keep thinking visiting Nashville or Texas.

But then there's this huge girly side of me! If it is glittery/glittered I
normally want it. Sparkly and shiny also
appy. Oh, and pink!


I need to read this all day every day right now. Being in
between jobs might be the death of me.
It consumes all day.

Source: via Chloe on Pinterest

That is one of my most favorite words. I love it.
It goes beyond spirituality for me.
One can believe in so many things..

Source: via Chloe on Pinterest

This guy could be why I'm so into country again. Shittt...

hell yes I do.

I love planning a pretend wedding. lol. I love this again because of the
country...again. But I also love girlie traditional weddings.

Love this. It's all magical fairy tale...
What can I say I'm a true romantic at heart

Source: via Chloe on Pinterest

I love what this says. It makes women seem
so simple.

Source: via Chloe on Pinterest

And I don't care. Hahaha. I least a little bit

Source: via Renee on Pinterest


Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

That's all for today kids. Hop on over to Pinterest and follow me. I promise it's a good time for all!

and ...All That Good Stuff!


Alejandra @ The Alegator Articles said...

I agree, those boots are gorgeous! You got great pins:)

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Great pins, I wish Pinterest was around when I had a wedding to plan. I guess I can pretend now too.

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

LOVE those boots! And the boots with the wedding dress, and the quote with the boots! :)

Randi S said...

Dropping by from Oh How Pinteresting...Love those boots, super cute!! Have a great Wednesday!!!

Ali said...

Girl you can TOTALLY mix country and that girly girl style. Don't you dare think you can't.

Chloe said...

Thanks doll! Like I said, I'm addicted. lol.

Thanks for stopping by,

Chloe said...

A girl should always pretend! lol.

Thanks for stopping by!


Chloe said...

Boots go great with everything huh?!

Thanks for taking a look!
Hope to see you around more.


Chloe said...

Thank you!
Glad you stopped by.


Chloe said...

Hahaha I would if I had any of the clothes on my board. I would be in heaven! lol


Jackie said...

stopped by from the link up so I thought I'd say hello :)

Unknown said...

oh god, the wine one cracked me up big time!! its true, we do love wine ahah. great pins!! x

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Great post girlie! I think my three favs on yours today is without a doubt Luke Bryan, love the CC high heels I so want those & I love the dance with husband & wife I have it on my pinterest :)