Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Confess

Last day of work for the win! If I make it through today then I'm off the rest of the week. Sounds glorious doesn't it. I think so. Tomorrow night is Florida Georgia Line, Thursday night is my daughter's school program, I don't have anything planned for Friday but who wants to go back to work for one day? Saturday is Maple Leaf and then I have to get in the car and drive for four hours to see Keith Urban, and then on Sunday I'm gonna have a nice dinner with Kyla and my Auntie. Busy week ahead.

So let's get on with this confession...

I confess

- Charlie Hunnam is no longer playing Christian Grey because he's too busy being Jax. I can't say that my feelings are hurt one bit. Now all the fans girls won't care who he is and I won't have to listen to them talk about him. 

- I don't know how people waitress their whole lives. My body feels like it's falling apart. I've even thought about going to a doctor because I don't think 22 year olds are supposed to feel like this. 

- I'm way too behind on my tv shows already. That's never good. The only things I've actually kept up with are Sons, Walking Dead (it just started, I can't be too far behind), and Two Broke Girls. Where did tv loving Chloe go? 

- I've been thinking about going to the dentist lately. That's the scariest shit ever but I really need to go. I wonder if my insurance covers sedation dentistry.

- I'm laying in bed writing this with no pants on because the legs got wet and I'm too lazy to put another pair on. 

- I'm also over here today. Go check it out. I tell you something really interesting that you might want to know about me.

- I'm going back to bed now because I'm dead tired. But first...seriously how in the hell do I stop feeling like a 70 year old lady. 

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Jordan said...

Go get a massage! Check Groupon for discounted ones. Congrats on being done for the week, I feel like mine just started!